Girevoy Sport

Girevoy Sport is one of the toughest competitive events on the planet.  It’s also one of the most beneficial endeavors we mortals can undertake as we try to improve our physical and mental wellbeing.  Yeah, it’s hard.

Unlike Hardstyle, which is more strength-oriented, Girevoy Sport (GS) involves equal parts strength/endurance/willpower.

GS, being a sport, also has ranks based on the size of the kettlebell used and the amount of reps completed in one of two events:

“Biathlon”:  total number of jerks in 10 minutes plus the total number of snatches in 10 minutes = your score

“Long Cycle Clean and Jerks” (LCCJ):  total repetitions completed in 10 minutes = your score

In addition, Girevoy Sport uses a different style of kettlebell than Hardstyle kettlebell practitioners.

girevoy sport kettlebell

For a no sales, no fluff, no “Hardstyle vs. OTW”, Girevoy Sport information, you absolutely have to visit the following blog:

“Eugene” is a Medical Doctor from Sydney Australia who took up Girevoy Sport training in 2008 at the age of 45.  He has a veritable “library” of information on GS training that you won’t get from Dragondoor, AKC, or any of the other mainstream KB/GS sites.  Eugene has even taken the time to translate whole articles from Russian into English and revealed that there are, in fact, other ways to train for Girevoy Sport!

Please do yourself a favor if you’re interested in Girevoy Sport and check out his blog.  You won’t be disappointed.  Wait.  Actually, you will.  You’ll wish you had found it sooner.

And for those wishing to refine their GS technique, Coach Denis Kanygin has a great blog here:

Coach Denis is now a Technical and Kettlebell Sport Advisor to IKFF. He was responsible for creating new kettlebell sport rankings for IKFF (see Story of IKFF Sport Rankings).

Coach Kanygin is now teaching his kettlebell training methodology based in pure Russian GS training methods coupled with his experience as postural therapist.

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