Kettlebell Colors – What Do They Mean?

Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.~ Claude Monet

And so it goes with Girevoy Sport as well.

For those of us that practice the sport, it’s an obsession, a joy and a torment all at the same time.

One thing that a girevik new to the sport needs to learn is the color scheme of the kettlebells we use.  Take a look at the illustrations below for your guide to the colors of our obsession:

8kg VF ProGrade Kettlebell 8 kilogram / 17.6 lbs  12kg VF ProGrade Kettlebell 12 kilogram / 26.4 lbs  16kg VF ProGrade Kettlebell 16 kilogram / 35.2 lbs

20kg VF ProGrade Kettlebell 20 kilogram / 44 lbs  24kg VF ProGrade Kettlebell 24 kilogram / 52.8 lbs  28kg VF ProGrade Kettlebell 28 kilogram / 61.6 lbs

32kg VF ProGrade Kettlebell 32 kilogram / 70.4 lbs  36kg VF ProGrade Kettlebell 36 kilogram / 79.2 lbs  40kg VF ProGrade Kettlebell 40 kilogram / 88 lbs

44kg VF ProGrade Kettlebell 44 kilogram / 96.8 lbs

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