Girevoy Sport is all about spending time under the weight. Increase your endurance by increasing the length of time of your sets. How to do that best?  Experience has shown that increasing the time of your sets is one of the most effective ways to do this.

Now some folks like to watch the second hand of a clock and that’s fine, but an even more foolproof way is to use a timer.  For me, I’ve found that the Gymboss Interval Timer is the way to go.

My Gymboss is about three years old now and is still running strong, even after dropping it onto concrete numerous times.

Since then, the Gymboss folks have added three new colors (Black, Pink and Camo), so that workouts can be efficient and stylish :-)!

I’ve used my Gymboss for Girevoy Sport workouts, kettlebell fitness workouts, and bodyweight workouts.  It’s been especially useful for timing my Strength in Motion workouts, as you can time both your work sets and your rest periods and not have to be stuck watching the second hand of the clock while you chalking up for your next set or walking around for your active rest between sets.

The Gymboss allows you to set up two different time intervals and even counts the number of times you go through them. It’s perfect for Viking Warrior Conditioning or timed rounds of Mixed Martial Arts or Boxing rounds.

Like to do overhead walks for time?  Got someone to carry a clock for you?  The Gymboss timer will do the trick.

How about mixing in timed sprints to your jogging?  The Gymboss timer.

Whatever you use a clock for in your training, the Gymboss can probably do it better, especially if you’re training outdoors.

Click on one of the Gymboss banners and get your own Gymboss timer today.  For $19.95, it’s the perfect gift that will get more use than a new necktie or bath salts.

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