Happy New Years, Gireviks!

www.ironbellathletics.comHappy New Year to all my fellow Gireviks and Kettlebell enthusiasts!  

After sleeping in until 9:00 a.m. (so nice), I got busy with a traditional breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon, and coffee.  I had enough food to last me until well into the afternoon.

Tonight is the anniversary of the first day I met my wife 5 years ago, so we’ll be going out to eat tonight in San Francisco.  She’s the love of my life and it’s a very special day for us.

Our last workout of the year was a snatch workout.  Instead of our normal fitness routine, we decided to compress the time and just work on snatches.  After warming up with the joint mobility routine in the Official Kettlebell Foundation DVD Series from Scott Sonnon, we did four minute snatch sets.

I used my 20 kg kettlebell and Val used her 8 kg kettlebell.  We broke our four minutes down into 2 minutes right followed by 2 minutes left and then resting for 2 minutes.

Val completed three sets, while I went for four sets.  I had originally planned for five sets, but my grip started going on the fourth set of my left hand, so I stopped at four.

After that we stretched out, showered and enjoyed New Year’s Eve!

Today we’re resting and taking the day off from training to spend some time in the afternoon with the kids and dinner (for grown-ups) tonight.

I’d like to thank everyone who read and commented on my blog as well as everyone who clicked through one of our advertisers and supported the kettlebell and fitness community.

I’ll be moving forward with my Girevoy Sport training and shooting for rank this year.  I hope you’ll continue to read my blog and send me your comments and questions as the year progresses.

Train smart and train hard!

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One Response to Happy New Years, Gireviks!

  1. Hi Jim!

    Have been getting caught back up with IBA the last couple months:). New set up looks great. Just wanted to drop a line and say all the best with this years plans. Nothing like throwing it out to the world to keep us on track;). I think there will be great success in your endeavors (if anyone hasn’t read his “Easy Way to 5000 Snatches” check it out, truly motivating).

    Keep up the great work and strong thru the struggle, iron into steel!

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