Heavy Day Fun

After a couple days off, we did our “heavy” workout this evening. The weather favored us by cooling down and giving us a slight breeze.

At the end of week 7, we finished up with 5 ladders of 3 rungs. Everything was the same as Wednesday, except for Cameron hitting 1s, 2s, and 3s with his 24kg on the final ladder. An excellent job for only 7 weeks of interrupted training.

For swings, we did 50 reps sets for 5 minutes with 10 seconds of rest between the 50 rep sets. Our goal was to hit 190-240 reps over the 5 minutes, however we only hit 150 reps with very close to 10 second rest periods (Really! We were very close!).

I used my 24kg, Cameron used his 16kg, while Val used her 12kg. What was interesting was that Cameron was trying to swing faster, but usually ended up behind me on the rep count. Val was steady with me. I swung 25 right and 25 left, with a hand switch at the top of my 25th swing. Cameron did the same, while Val stuck with 2-handed swings.

I still have to try the 16kg swings on a heavy day, to see how high my rep count can be.

I finished off with my usual 20 janda sit-ups and 15 straight-leg sit-ups, followed by my hamstring and lower back stretching.

Tomorrow we’re off and it’s Father’s Day. For all you Dads, enjoy yourself. And if you like to drink a nice cold brew, try a Sam Adam’s Cherry Wheat (from their Brewmaster’s Collection) with some chicken or beef tacos. The sweet flavors are a great balance to the spicy ones.

Enjoy your day Dads! Maybe someone you know will get you something from Art of Strength.


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