“Heavy” Day Hundred (degrees, that is) Enter The Kettlebell


As I’ve said in previous posts, it’s important to be flexible and to accept the fact that sometimes you can’t get a workout in due to other commitments.

Well, Saturday is going to be one of those days, so we moved this week’s heavy day to Friday.

Today we up the volume again, by climbing 5 ladders with 5 rungs each.

We did our usual 3 circuits of warm-ups, although with the hot weather, it almost seemed unnecessary.

Val stuck with her 12kg for her sets, while Cameron switched between the 24kg and the 16kg.

I used my 32kg, 28kg and 24kg. Like Wednesday, I used the different bells for different reps. For my first ladder, I used the 24kg exclusively to make sure my shoulders were properly warmed-up. Then for ladders 2-5 I did the following:

32 kg – 1 rep right/1 rep left

1 pull-up

28 kg – 2 reps right/2 reps left

2 pull-ups

28 kg – 3 reps right/3 reps left

3 pull-ups

24 kg – 4 reps right/4 reps left

4 pull-ups

24 kg – 5 reps right/5 reps left

5 pull-ups

Rest 1 minute (2-3 minutes towards the end)

Repeat for 4 more ladders.

I have to tell you that this was one of the toughest workouts I’ve ever done. As we pushed through our fourth and fifth ladder, we really had to rely on each other for motivation and support. It was hot, the bells were heavy, and none of us were looking forward to our swings.

As it was, the dice roll called for 3 minutes of 25 rep sets with 5 seconds of rest between them. Val used her 12kg, Cameron used his 16 kg, and I used my 24 kg. After 3 minutes, Val and I did 85 reps, while Cameron pushed past the 3 minute limit and got 100 reps.

I did my best to swing that bell as fast and as hard as I could, but I just couldn’t break through to the 100 rep mark. And the minimum called for 110 reps. Maybe if I was using the 16 kg.

I finished with my 20 Janda sit-ups, 15 straight-leg sit-ups, stretched and jumped in the pool. Now that was refreshing.

Anyway, we did it. and we’re done until Monday. I might post something in the interim, so pop back and check, ok?

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