Hinge! Swing! Live!

“The outward man is the swinging door; the inner man is the still hinge.

-Meister Eckhart

Interesting quote, no?  And certainly relevant to our exercise of choice — the swing.  The kettlebell on the end of my arms is the swinging door, my hips are the still hinge.  The “trick” to a good swing?  Hinge at the hips!

Instead of taking Wednesday off (as suggested by the ETK workbook), my wife and I practiced our Thursday swings. Thursday afternoon and evening will be filled with a flag football skills clinic for our boys., so we adjust our schedule a little.

One of my goals with this bout of Enter The Kettlebell, is to complete the program with just one weight.  For me, this will be the 24 kilo bell.  The last time I went through the Rite of Passage, I didn’t test my snatch with the 24 (ever), and I went up to my 28 kilo bell when I finished 5 ladders of 5.  That was a mistake, as I probably put too much strain on my elbows by ramping up the ladders too quickly.  I began to have pretty significant pain while pressing and while chinning.

This time, I’m sticking with my 24 kg bell from start to finish and working on my snatch numbers as dictated by the “dice rolls” in the workbook.  Regardless of whether I can snatch for the entire time block as indicated, I’m going to rest and snatch, rest and snatch if I have to, with the goal of working up to snatching for the entire time periods indicated.  (My second goal is to teach my wife how to squat properly!)

During our swing workout on Monday, I noticed that my wife’s form had gotten rusty, as she was hyperextending her back at the top of the swing.  A big no-no.

Today, after we finished 4 rounds of our warm-up, I demonstrated the low plank and pointed out the glutes, hips and abs combo that would stabilize her midsection and keep her from hurting her back.  After having her practice the plank and checking those areas for tightness (my favorite part ;-)), we jumped into our 12-minutes of 2-handed swings.  We managed 9 rounds before our timer went off.  The bonus was no kid interruptions for our entire practice.  A miracle!

Friday we’ll hit the get-up again and be done with week 1.  Anyone else doing ETK with us?  If so, please comment on your progress.

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  1. Hey Mark,
    Let me know if it worked for her. That really did the trick for my wife. Her form was great on her last swing practice. I hope you’re doing well.

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