How To Do The Pump

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. ~ Jim Rohn

I’ve got both baby!  I was really excited to get to today’s get-up practice and had to slow myself down while I finished my warm-up session.  Once warm-ups were done, I set my Gymboss for 5 minutes and practiced the get-up with my 24 kg kettlebell.  When the timer sounded, I had done five reps on my right side and four-and-a-half on my left.  I still finished that one anyway.  It’s funny, but if you haven’t done regular get-up practice, you might not think that five minutes will be long enough to be effective.  Au contraire!  Done properly and with a kettlebell of a challenging size, five minutes will make you work!  Total time from joint mobility prep to final stretch at cool-down?  About 25 minutes.

Don’t tell me you don’t have time to exercise

A bit after I finished dinner, I received a note from an Illinois kettlebell trainer and friend, Bob Garon, of Synergy Kettlebell Training.  Bob suggested I describe or demo the pump, one of the exercises I use in my 10-minute warm-up. As it was kind of late and dark, I didn’t think the video quality would come out so good if Idid it.  So after a bit of digging, I found a video of the pump being demonstrated by Anthony DiLuglio.

Wednesday is empty, save for some press and snatch practice as suggested by Pavel on page 74 in Enter the Kettlebell.

Keep up your good habits!

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2 Responses to How To Do The Pump

  1. Jim,

    Great post and thanks for posting that video. That was perfect and Anthony is an amazing teacher of many fitness modes. Thanks for posting.

    As for the TGUs, these are one of my all time fav movements no matter the tool used whether that be a kettlebell, dumbbell, barbell, sandbag, etc.

    Here’s a vid of me doing a 5 or 6 min. set, I forget off hand. LOL

    Thanks again my friend and keep em comin!

    Bob Garon

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