How To Grind Up A Kettlebell – Turkish Style

I L-O-V-E Turkish Get Ups with the kettlebell.

There are some exercises that really “click” when I do them and the Turkish Get Up is one of them.  The first time I gave it a go, I had no idea what I was doing and I remember losing control of the bell above my face.

I decided to invest a little dinero and bought one of David Whitley’s early videos, where he demonstrated the TGU from start to finish.

BANG!  My first time using his technique I practically jumped off the floor with a 16 kg kettlebell.  I was hooked.  The TGU goes right next to the deadlift as one of my favorite exercises.

Today I had a few minutes to fit in some Program Minimum practice.

I warmed up with my speed rope for 200 reps, 10 halos each direction with my 16 kg, and 15 pumps.

I decided to push myself a little today and used my 28 kilo kettlebell for my 5 minutes of TGUs.

I’ve been training almost exclusively with my 24 kg kettlebell, so I wasn’t sure how the 28 kg would feel.

The first step in the TGU is getting the bell into position.


Once I had it in position, I propped myself up onto my left elbow then onto my left hand.


I then pushed my hips up before sweeping my left leg backwards into a kneeling position.  From there, I stood up, making sure to watch the kettlebell at all times.

With the move halfway complete, I then reversed the motion, first kneeling down, then reaching back with my left hand before sliding my left leg back out straight with my hips pushed up.

Then I just lowered myself back down onto the ground and pulled the kettlebell down to my chest.  From there, I drag it around the top of my head and position it for the next rep on my left side.

I managed to get 5 reps for both right and left sides in 5 minutes today, and was very satisfied to be able to push the 28 kilo at roughly the same speed as the 24 kilo.

This is a fantastic exercise and a great workout.  Give it a try!

Kettlebells from the Ground Up
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  1. Thanks Sandy,

    I don’t have the Kalos Stenos DVD yet but I’ve read good things about it. Thanks for stopping by.


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