I passed the Dragondoor HKC certification!

This past weekend I had the privilege of attending and passing the first Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification (HKC).

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but on the way to Minnesota, I got some Chinese food for lunch. My fortune cookie presented me with the following message:

Repetition is the mother of skill.”

I didn’t know it at the time, but this fortune would be very clearly demonstrated to me and the other HKC candidates, Saturday morning.

Lest you think these certifications were handed out willy-nilly after an 8-hour demo of the 3 basic exercises, let me tell you that there were some folks who left that day, and all they got was a t-shirt. If you passed, you truly earned it.

As my Team Leader Jeff O’Connor said, we were expected to meet the rigid and exacting standards of the Hardstyle system. The best way to do that? Repetition! And not just any rep, it had better be a repetition done the RKC way!

If you came to the certification with bad habits, those habits would fail you if you didn’t clean them up by the end of the day. And you had better be able to clean up your teammate’s bad habits too, as being able to teach corrective strategies was part of the training as well.

Pavel taught us the finer points of the Goblet Squat, the Turkish Get-up and the Kettlebell Swing. And through our Team Leaders, we learned the exacting standards that Dragondoor requires in order to be able to teach these moves under the HKC/Dragondoor name.

If you have yet to work with an RKC (or now, an HKC), I would highly recommend it, as you’re not doing yourself justice as a kettlebell practitioner and you may even be opening yourself up to injuries down the road.

Thanks to Pavel, Jeff, my teammates on Team O’Connor and my new HKC friends for helping me succeed on Saturday.

Finally and most importantly, I discovered that my fortune should be corrected to read as follows:

Correct repetition is the mother of skill!”

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3 Responses to I passed the Dragondoor HKC certification!

  1. Hello my friend –

    I too recently became a graduate of HKC (9/21- Ashland, Va)

    would you know where I can get an HKC shirt or sweatshirt?


  2. Well Congrats — I passed the HKC Cert about a year ago
    Andrea DuKane was my head instructor.

    Yes – I did find a place that does excellent work making the T-Shirts and

    I don’t have the address on hand. Please send me your email address and
    I’ll send it to you

    Thanks and Congrats.

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