IBA EDT Kettlebell Workout #1

“Charles Staley’s EDT is the most foolproof method of building muscle I have ever come across.  And it is not the fake muscles of a pump artist; EDT muscles are as strong as they look!” – Pavel Tsatsouline

For those of you not familiar with Charles Staley’s Escalating Density Training (EDT), the quick description is as follows:  Progressively make your muscles do more work within a standard time period.  This is done by using less reps (generating more power) with short rest periods and alternating each exercise with an antogonistic exercise.  You can get the whole story in Coach Staley’s book, Muscle Logic.

For our purposes, I’ve modified the workouts to 10 minute time periods instead of the recommended 15 minute periods, due to the ballistic nature of some of the movements. In addition, we’ll be starting with 3 exercise pairings, using a rep range of 3-5 based on the movement and the physical abilities of the individual trainer.

Here’s the plan:

A1-Double kettlebell swings
A2-Kettlebell seesaw press

B1-Kettlebell floor press, get-up-sit-up
B2-Double Kettlebell cleans

C1-Kettlebell snatch (right)
C2-Kettlebell snatch (left)

As an example, we’ll do double kettlebell swings for 5 (approx. 10-15 second rest), then seesaw press for 5 (approx. 10-15 second rest) until we hit 10 minutes. Then rest for approximately 5 minutes, then the “B” pairings for 10 minutes. Rest for 5 minutes, then finish with the “C” pairing.

In between we’ll keep track of the rep count, which will give us a baseline from which to improve.

Please comment if you’ve used EDT and what your results were. I’ll let you know what our results were tomorrow.

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