FLogo Circle br red compe26. The symbol for iron in the periodic table of the elements.  Strong.  Solid.  Reliable.  Welcome to Ironbell Athletics.  No secret formulas or programs.  Just honest, hard work, liberally applied.

Ironbell Athletics started in 2007 as a name for my blog and reflected my interests at the time;  1. I loved to deadlift and work with thick handled dumbbells for basic work.  2. I was really into Ironmind’s Captain’s of Crush grippers for a while. 3. I was getting ready to get my RKC cert and was very much into Hardstyle kettlebell training.  So I came up with Ironbell Athletics to write about my training and to keep me honest and goal-oriented.

Since that time, I was having difficulty getting time off to go to the RKC cert and in the meantime, the American Kettlebell Club offered a cert which included a complete set of 8 competition-style kettlebells.  The cost/benefit made sense to me and I could get the time off.  As a result, I went to the American Kettlebell Club’s certification in March 2007, which was held at Scott Sonnon’s Rmax gym.  At the time, the cert was one day and was crammed into about 12 hours, consisting of a great deal of lecture and demo by Coach Valery Federenko. Unfortunately, our time with the bells was very limited and the lack of hands-on instruction really left me feeling less like a coach and more like a newbie with a free set of competition-style kettlebells.

So I spent some time with Girevoy Sport-style lifting by working on the World kettlebell Club‘s Fitness Protocol and continued to practice Hardstyle lifts for variety.  In fact, my wife, my son and I completed the Enter The Kettlebell program during the summer of 2008.  It was (and is) a great program and we made great progress with our fitness and body composition.

I continued my Hard Style education by attending and passing the very first Dragondoor’s HKC certification in September 2009.  I hope you’ll take the time to read some of my older posts and please send me your comments.

I plan on continuing to train with both modalities, building my strength but also working on my sport style and perhaps attaining rank with either the WKC or IKFF.

Thanks for reading my intro,


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