Kettlebell ADHD

I have it.

I have a problem going for more than 3 weeks on a particular program without getting bored.  Unless I have a specific goal to shoot for, as I did when I completed the Enter The Kettlebell program.

So I cut the program minimum 1 week short and I started the Enter The Kettlebell (ETK) program on Tuesday.

I’m going to modify it a bit, because my real goal is to start working with the Return of The Kettlebell (RTK) program, but I want to hit the Program Minimum and ETK first before I start the double-kettlebell work of the RTK.

I couldn’t practice on Monday, so I used Tuesday to practice the Clean and Press and Snatch for my light day.

I began with some speed rope work for 200 reps, followed by 10 minutes of wall squats/halos/pumps.

The beginning of ETK calls for completing several ladders of the Clean and Press.  Using my 24 kg kettlebell, I did 5 ladders of 3 rungs.  I tried to incorporate pull-ups into the mix as in the AOS ETK manual, but I had a minor mishap this weekend which caused me to crack a rib or two on my left side and by the second ladder of three pull-ups, I was done.  With pull-ups anyway.

The C&Ps weren’t that painful, though, so I finished up my 5 ladders without the pull-ups mixed in.

I then rolled a pair of dice for a “4”, and did 10 and 10 snatches for 4 minutes, getting 60 easy reps.  By 10 and 10, I mean 10 right, 10 left, 10 right, 10 left, etc. etc. etc until the timer goes off.  I went slowly and took it easy for the “light day”.

I finished up with stretching and skipped ab work, as any trunk flexion kicks my ass right now.

For Wednesday (my first variety day this week), I used my 16 kg and 12 kg kettlebells and practiced the double Viking Push Press and the front raise snatch (demonstrated in RTK).

I did three sets of 10 for each movement and went inside for a beer.

Thursday is Medium day.  4 rungs of C&Ps and swings for time.

If you still don’t even have a kettlebell, I strongly urge you to get started by clicking on the link below and purchasing an appropriately-sized kettlebell and the ETK program.  You’ll spend less than a gym membership and you’ll save money on gas by being able to practice in your own living room or backyard.  Even better, you won’t have to worry about feeling self-conscious as you might in a gym, while you learn the moves and routines that will strip the fat off your hide and build the muscle you know is under there!

Russian Kettlebell Quick Start Kit

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