Kettlebell Basics – Practice, Practice, Practice

While some kettlebell movements such as the snatch and the clean and jerk get more attention than most, one of the most productive movements all gireviks should practice is the turkish get-up.

It doesn’t matter whether you practice the basic move or the more advanced Kalos Sthenos version (read about it here-, or even if you only practice the bottom half or the top half only.  The get-up will test your abilities while building your strength and confidence.

I was on my own today, as my wife was busy at her office (Plug:  She’s a damn fine life coach.  Check out her site here-

Following the Enter the Kettlebell workbook, I completed my 10-minute warm-up for 4 circuits and substituted light goblet squats for wall squats.  I then performed the get-up with my 24 kilo kettlebell for 5 minutes, alternating sides as I went along.  After 5 minutes of practice I managed 4 reps on each side.

I finished with stretching and a Sam Adams Cranberry Lambic.  Enjoy life!

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