Kettlebell Challenge Preparation – Thanksgiving Edition

Kettlebell Challenge Workouts

After working Monday night/Tuesday morning, I completed a long cycle-focused workout consisting of the following, which I named the “DKC”:

  1. Long Cycle Clean & Jerk
  2. Clean
  3. Half snatch

Unfortunately, I only slept for about 3 hours prior to my workout, and I had a tough time getting it done.  I continued to use my 20 kg kettlebell for the LCCJ and Half snatch, and my 24 kg for the cleans. 

I’ve noticed that when I do my one arm LCCJ on the right side, I sometimes shift my hips to the left to get my rack.  To fix that, I’ve been standing in front of my sliding glass patio door and watching my reflection to cure the “shift.”

Turkey Day Kettlebell Snatches

Today of course, is Thanksgiving, and while I didn’t really want to workout today, I want to maintain my schedule for the December Challenge preparation. 

As a result, today was my snatch-focused workout, “BUC”:

  1. Snatch
  2. Half snatch
  3. Bottom’s-up Cleans

I chose the bottom’s-up cleans to work my forearms, as my grip strength has been a weak area for me.  I did a total of 224 snatches and 72 cleans (with 1 minute rests between sets), and managed to rip off one callus in the process.  Better now than in the midst of my reps during the challenge.

I’m off to go eat and drink.  I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

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