More Kettlebell Conditioning For Old(er) Men

“I cannot always control what goes on outside.
But I can always control what goes on inside.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer

If you’re pondering whether to begin a conditioning or weight training program and you’re not sure you can devote the time or energy to it,







While we can’t control the aging process, we can influence how our body responds to that process.  The key is to ACT.   Figure out what you want or need to do and do it.  Start now!  Make the decision!

I’ve been trying to become more rounded in my approach to fitness and have been experimenting with different modalities to see which works best for my body type, recovery abilities and time resources.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve determined that basic strength, like that built from bodyweight exercises, is a good complement to my kettlebell training.  It also gives me something to do in my “off days” that is somewhat challenging but doesn’t require a huge amount of expensive gear or space.

I started with a 7-minute bodyweight circuit that incorporates 10 pushups, 10 situps, 10 squats and 15 jumping jacks and 10 halos with a 16 kg kettlebell.  I do these in a continuous circuit and managed to do 4 circuits within that 7 minute span.

I then got my speed rope out and jumped rope for 2 minutes, followed by Turkish get-ups (TGU) with a 24kg kettlebell and kettlebell crush curls with a 16 kg bell.

For the TGUs, I did one right side followed by one left side and then did 5 crush curls with the 16 kg.  I continued to do these until I had been through the series 5 times.

I finished with 2-handed swings done with a 32 kg kettlebell for 4 sets of 25.

All told, the bodyweight stuff and the kettlebell work took me about a half hour to complete, made me work up a light sweat without taxing my nervous system too much.  The swings were the hardest part of the workout, and I felt them afterwards in my hamstrings and glutes.  That just means they worked!

I’ll do another bodyweight workout tomorrow then I’ll have to take Thursday off as I’ll be working into the evening that night.

My point with these workouts is to get moving for 30-45 minutes and enjoy myself.  I’m not trying to go as fast and as hard as I can straight out of the gate, as I know I’ll quickly get burned out and end up quitting.

As I’ve written before (and still have trouble following my own advice sometimes) consistency is the key to success.  Try incorporating some bodyweight stuff for a little change of pace!

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