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Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation ~ Robert H. Schuller

I liked the idea of Viking Warrior ConditioningViking Warrior Conditioning when it came out. Snatches are a lot of work, but the benefits are HUGE. Even HUGE(r) when you practice Kenneth Jay’s MVO2 protocol detailed in Viking Warrior Conditioning.

I won’t bore you with the details here as others have written volumes on the subject since his protocol was published last year. However, I tried it twice and overdid it the second time. As Pavel said, if you’re hurt, it’s your fault. Too much, too soon. That was me for sure.

You can read about that learning experience here: Catching Up

I’ve learned my lesson though, and I’m giving VWC another shot. This time, I’m going to start easy and g-r-a-d-u-a-l-l-y work my way up to 80 sets by doing the 15:15 protocol on my Enter The Kettlebell variety days.

I decided to skip the cadence test and just go with the same numbers I last used, which was seven reps every fifteen seconds. The 15:15 protocol calls for fifteen seconds of snatches followed by fifteen seconds of rest.

I set my Gymboss Timer for 15 second time intervals with an “auto” repeat, meaning the timer will beep every fifteen seconds and keep count of each fifteen second block of time. My goal was to do twenty, seven-rep sets; ten right and ten left with fifteen second breaks in between each set.

I started the right way with joint mobility drills and the dreaded ten-minute warmup.  I then Rested for a couple minutes and began snatching, completing twenty-two sets before calling it good.

I got my heart rate up and broke a sweat. But didn’t go too far too soon. After all, it’s a variety day and it’s conditioning, not contest preparation.  I shot video of my practice and posted it on YouTube.  It’s not very exciting and it shows that my techniques wasn’t very good, primarily my lock-out.  The good thing is that it showed my technique wasn’t sound and I have one more thing to practice!  I’ll post it here once it finishes processing.

Back to Enter The Kettlebell tomorrow with our “Medium” day.

 Viking Warrior Conditioning

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