Kettlebell Fitness Workout for Wednesday – Level 5

We’re continuing the World Kettlebell Club‘s Kettlebell Fitness workouts and are up to level 5.  As a reminder, Val is using her 8kg while I’m using the 20 kg competition-style kettlebell.  Level 5 takes us up to sets of 1′ 30″ but rolls the rest periods back to 2’ 00″. 

The longer sets are certainly noticeable.  Specifically for me with the Push-press and for Val with the press.  I made my target reps but felt every one over the minute mark, while Val came in just a couple reps short of her goal.  In addition, while the “Brooklynite” calls for Clean/Press/Clean, Val was bored with Cleans for the third exercise and went to the Half-snatch and commented that she felt like she was working more with that exercise. 

For Friday, we’ll be staying at level 5 and compressing the warm-up a bit to save time.  Friday’s a hectic night for us and we’re going to have to wedge the workout into the late afternoon.

For Thursday, I went on a 45 minute ruck with my son who joined the Army last month.  He’s signed up to go through Airborne and Ranger training and leaves for Basic in June.  To get him ready, he’ll be working on his own kettlebell fitness program as well as body-weight exercises, running, and rucking.

He just got his g-e-n-u-i-n-e pair of Army boots, so I figured what better way to break them in than with a morning ruck march?  We each loaded a 16 kg kettlebell into our rucks and hit the road.  We have a small city park near where we live which has a trail up a hill as part of a loop around the park.  You can choose to climb the steady ascent or the steep ascent.  Of course we took the steep one!  It’s funny how heavy that little 35 pound kettlebell can get as you plod up a steep incline…we were both breathing like a locomotive as we neared the top (more like I was wheezing).  The effort was well worth it, and we were able to coast back down the hill and back to home.  Our plan is to try for one to two rucks a week, mostly on flat terrain, but periodically throwing in a hill every third or fourth ruck.

The American Kettlebell Club/World Kettlebell Club is planning on releasing their own video series to complement their Kettlebell Fitness Manual.  Until that’s available, I strongly encourage you to get Scott Sonnon’s Kettlebell Foundation DVDs.  Scott put these together with Valery Federenko’s blessing and includes a follow-along warm-up routine, a detailed description of the kettlebell exercises, and a follow-along compensatory cool-down routine.  These DVD are a great addition to your kettlebell training toolbox.

You can buy the DVD set here:

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