Kettlebell-Free Variety Day

For fast-acting relief, try slowing down. ~ Lily Tomlin

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There’s nothing like a lazy Sunday to help you get your bearings back and your priorities straight.

We spent about two hours on Saturday afternoon pulling weeds and roots from our front lawn before we stopped and did week 7’s “heavy” day.  We spent extra time with our joint mobility movements to get the kinks out from shoveling and pulling weeds, which worked some muscles that weren’t used to that kind of work.

Our clean and presses were actually a treat next to wrenching a three-foot dead tree root out of the muddy ground!  Our swings were done for fifty rep sets over five minutes with 10 second rest periods.  Total reps-150. We did hand switches every ten reps until we hit fifty, wiped the sweat off during our brief break, then started over with our next set.  It felt good to conclude the day with exercise.

Sunday we were up early and finished off the yardwork we left undone (another three hours) although it could easily have been considered a good “variety day” session, as I was using my lower back, obliques, glutes, upper back and shoulders stabbing, shoveling and tossing wet dirt across my side yard.

Once we were done, we grabbed a quick lunch before heading out to the Tennessee Valley Beach in Southern Marin. After letting the kids indulge their sweet tooths with Ho-Hos, I leaned back, put a jacket under my head, closed my eyes and let the sound of the crashing waves drain the stress out of my bones.  Slowing down works…

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