Kettlebell Snatches – What’s Not To Like? 300 more…

So I planned on getting up earlier today and starting my snatch training right away, but as life goes, I didn’t.  I slept longer than normal then ate a large, very tasty breakfast and didn’t get started until after noon.

Today I used my Gymboss timer and set it for 15 minutes.  I then did sets of 30 (15R/15L) until I got to 300.  Which was quite a bit less than my goal of 700.  !!!

However, in my own defense, my wife said she wanted my full attention so I was forced to acquiesce to her demands.  Thank you honey!!!

So I’m down to 3400 reps left and I’ve got until October 17th to get it done.  That means only 12 days left to get 3400 reps, or 283.3 reps per day.  So let’s say 284 reps to even it up a bit.  In an average 8 hour period of time, I could do 36 reps an hour for those 8 hours. 

Or if I had just 4 hours of free time, I could do 72 reps an hour for those four hours.  Within those 4 hours, I could do 18 reps every 15 minutes.

With only 1 hour to workout, I’d have to divide those 284 reps over an hour; so I might do 48 every 10 minutes.  That might be a stretch though, and not something I’d look forward to every day.

I’m off work until Wednesday night.  Maybe I’ll just see how many more I can hammer out over the course of the next three days and make my calculations from that point.

If anything, I’m conditioning my hands and building my muscle memory for the snatch exercise.  Of course that only works well if one’s reps are perfect (or as close to perfect as possible).  Which is why I’ve been keeping my reps per set relatively low, so as to keep my form as clean as possible.

Stay tuned…

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