Kettlebell Variety – Mix N’Match

We’ve been doing basic swing workouts since I posted last and I thought we’d mix it up a bit by working the our legs in addition to our swings.

Since I last posted, my 14-year-old daughter has moved in with us and has taken up kettlebell training.  She got excited after reading about Tracy Reifkind’s transformation after kettlebell training for one year (

I decided to ease her into training, because like many teenagers, she’s in poor overall shape and not used to sweating and physical exertion.

As a result, I’ve started her on two-handed swings, and had her do 7 sets of 10 swings on Monday.  She thought those were pretty easy, so I had her do 9 sets today, with 1’30” rest between sets.  I’m having her use our pink 8 kg bell, and after just two sessions, her form is very good.  I’m intentionally easing her into the workouts, as I want her to graduate from one to the next and to enjoy her successes, rather than look for excuses to avoid her workouts. 

We still do our warm-up circuit three times before we start our workout.  Our warm-up includes wall squats for 10 reps, 10 halos, and 10 pumps.  My daughter actually works harder on the warm-up than she does on the swings!

Our workout today was comprised of a set of swings, alternated with a set of cleans to a front squat.

Val used her 12 kg kettlebell, while I Cameron and I used a 24 kg for our swings, and double 16 kgs for our cleans/front squats.

Swings: 10R/10L (Switch at the top)

Rest 1 minute

Clean/Front squat:  For Val, 5R/5L (using a single 12 kg).  For Cameron and I, 10 (with the double kbs).

We did this for five sets of the two drills, for a total time of 25 minutes +/-.

I did a set of 20 Janda sit-ups followed by stretching with Val, then a jump into the pool to cool off.

I work nights again this week, Thursday – Saturday, so I’m not sure what I’ll do for Friday, although I’m leaning towards our 300 rep swing workout.

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