Kettlebells – #1 Rust Inhibitor

If you rest, you rust. ~ Helen Hayes

Novato California Kettlebell group training

Regular Exercise Beats Back Depression

According to the National Institute of Mental Illness, more people suffer from depression than AIDS, cancer, and coronary heart disease.

And this time of the year doesn’t help matters much.  Days and days of grey skies and snow and rain, less daylight, colder temperatures all contribute to making a bad mood worse.

Kettlebells Count As ‘Regular Exercise’

Yes they do!  As long as you practice regularly.  If you don’t, or if you flit back and forth between weights, cardio, pilates, yoga, powerwalking, P90X, etc., etc., etc., then you may find your form a little rusty when you return to regular kettlebell practice.

One great exercise to clean the rust off is the kettlebell get up.  Five minutes of get-up practice, twice a week is all you’ll need to keep your system lubed and ready to go. Five minutes!

You Don’t Need To Go Heavy

Seriously.  Forget the race to TGU a mega-kettlebell.  Just grab a kettlebell that’s a relatively easy weight and practice alternating sides for 5 minutes.  If you have a few extra minutes, practice just the top or just the bottom portions.  But practice it with your other program.

If you do, you’ll find that when you go back to your kettlebell regime, you’ll notice that your body will be flexible where you need it to be and your core will be solid and ready for swings, snatches, jerks or whatever you throw at it.

Program Minimum – Week 3

Friday saw the finish of Week 3, with get up practice for 5 minutes.  We began with Sonnon’s joint mobility warm-ups, then 4 rounds of our now standard, goblet squats, halos and pumps, followed by TGUs.  I continued with my 24 kilo while Val used her 9 kilo.  She managed to get 6 reps for each side, while I got 6 reps right and 5 reps left.

For week 4, we’ll do another day of 35 reps swings on Monday, and 40 rep sets for Thursday.  We’ll make our Program Minimum a 6 week program and keep our progress steady and strong.

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