Kettlebells 101– Own Your Practice Time

We’re starting week 2 of Enter The Kettlebell (ETK) training and I’m reminded how we need to protect our practice time from intrusions, whether electronic or human.  The following is a true story.

My wife and I planned to start our ETK swing practice at 6:00 p.m.  Just before we started, I went outside and cleaned off my Lifeline 16 kg kettlebell which had accumulated chalk from my last VWC workout and rust from the damp Winter weather.  I wanted to use the traditional-style 16 kg as I think it’s easier to use for halos due to its smaller size.

After changing into our exercise gear, we started with our 10-minute warm-up and made it through 3 rounds of squats, halos and pumps before our youngest bounded into the house after returning from watching a friend’s sister playing a basketball game.  Naturally, his mother noticed he didn’t have his new jacket on.  “Where’s your jacket?”  “Oh, I think I left it at the gym,” he replied.

Of course this conversation didn’t go nearly that fast due to my faulty, follow-up questioning.

“Where’s your jacket?”

“At the gym”

“Which gym?”

“At the school.”

“Where exactly?”

“Oh, on the bleachers, I think.”

“NO!  Where did you just come from?”

“The basketball game.”


“Which school gym were you watching the basketball game?”

“Oooooohhhhhh.  Hill.”

(Sound of Gymboss timer at the conclusion of the 10 minutes)

Due to the fact that jackets don’t grow on trees, my wonderful and caring wife decides to take the boy and go back to the gym to get the jacket before the gym closes and the jacket disappears into the great black hole that is the city’s lost and found (if there even is one).

Mrs. says:  “Go ahead and start the second half of the workout and I’ll catch up,” as she hustles the boy out the door.

It takes almost 10 minutes to drive to the gym and about 10 minutes back.  Or so I thought.  Actually, it takes about 20 minutes total if you don’t have to stop at the grocery store and pick up some lunch meat, because your 14-year-old made a sandwich with about 3/4 of a pound of turkey on it and you need more the next day.  (sigh)

So while I was waiting, I did some windmills (5R/5L), some figure 8s to a hold (10R/10L), and generally lamented the fact that we can’t seem to get 30 minutes to ourselves for a little exercise.

Once Mrs. and now jacketed son arrive home, we start our 12-minute swing practice and finish 8 rounds in 12 minutes after a couple more interrogatories by needy, bored children.

Still, 8 rounds of 20 swings counts for our Monday swing practice, so all was not lost.  (And no children were harmed during the aforementioned incident).

Lessons learned?  Set your boundaries (time, place, program) and honor your commitments (and don’t forget your jacket!)

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