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Instead of doing the fitness workout again, I decided to mix in another Resolution workout, this time focusing on incline dumbbell presses and one-arm kettlebell cleans.

I didn’t feel like spending a lot of time exercising today, so I decided to do four sets of each exercise in a twenty minute time period.

I used 50 lb. dumbbells for sets of 8 and a 24 kilo kettlebell for descending sets of 24, 20, 16, and 12 reps.  I moved fairly quickly and alternated the exercises like this:

  • 8 presses
  • 24 cleans R / 24 cleans L
  • 8 presses
  • 20 cleans R / 20 cleans L
  • 8 presses
  • 16 cleans R / 16 cleans L
  • 8 presses
  • 12 cleans R / 12 cleans L

Done in 20 minutes and enough time to finish my post before dinner!

By the way, Perform Better is offering free ground shipping on kettlebells until March 31st.  You can save a ton of money and get yourself some Girevoy Sport-style bells if you haven’t tried them yet, or buy an extra one to practice your 10-minute jerk sets.  🙂

8 kg – $54.95

12 kg – $64.95

16 kg – $79.95

20 kg – $89.95

24 kg – $99.95

28 kg – $114.95

32 kg – $134.95

Click on the picture below to go to the Perform Better site –

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