Kettlebells, Fat Loss and Testosterone

Yes, the key ingredients, guys, to maintain your virility and manhood and attract (or keep) the ladies. 

From Bottom Line Personal, April 2008:

Men with naturally high testosterone have lower risk for heart disease than men woth low testosterone.  Higher levels of testosterone also appear to be associated with lower risk for stroke and death from a variety of causes.  but the findings apply only to men whose testosterone levels are naturally high — there is no evidence that testosterone supplements provide similar benefits.  One way to protect testosterone levels is to maintain optimal body weight.

–Kay-Tee Khaw, MD, professor of clinical gerontology, University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine, Cambridge, England, and leader of a 10-year study of testosterone levels, published in Circulation.

So let’s tie this all in.  If you’re overweight, grab a kettlebell and start swinging, snatching and pressing.  That will melt fat and build muscle, which will get you to your optimal body weight, which will then protect your testosterone levels!

Do you need a gym membership for that?  NO!  One kettlebell is all it will take. 


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