Kettlebells Not Enough To Take Off The Pounds?

From:  BottomLinePersonal, March 1, 2008

Exercise is not enough to take off the pounds.

Exercise is not enough to take off the pounds if you spend a lot of time sitting.  When people sit for long periods — doing desk jobs, using computers, playing video games, watching television or for other reasons — the enzymes that are responsible for burning fat are shut down.  Result:  People who sit too much have significantly greater risk for premature heart attack, diabetes and death.  Self-defense:  In addition to exercising, it is important to stand up and move around as much as possible throughout the day — walk around the office, go up and down stairs, take a break from the computer and go outdoors, or do something else to get out of the seated position.

Marc Hamilton, PhD, associate professor of biomedical sciences, University of Missouri-Columbia, and leader of a study of the physiological effects of sitting, published in Diabetes.

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One Response to Kettlebells Not Enough To Take Off The Pounds?

  1. Sitting is plain evil. Yes, the weight gain is part of it.

    What often concerns me as a postural therapy is posture (duh!)

    As we sit (read – inactive) our posture is sloppy (rounded shoulders, horrific pelvic tilt..). When we sit for looooooooooooong time, our brain remembers that and sets it as new norm – you get faulty muscle memory and misalignment (boo!)

    When you decide to get up and move, the misalignment is still there, mechanics are off and as we start vigorous training – bam!!! – injury…

    So… move!

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