Kettlebells, Strength In Motion, and Staying Conditioned

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Kid sports have been taking up a great deal of my evenings and other free time, so I haven’t been posting as much as I usually do. For that I apologize.

I’m in the fourth week of the AOS Strength In Motion program, and it’s proving to be a great way to stay strong and conditioned while also getting the variety that makes working out fun.

I’ve modified the program to 3 days a week instead of four, and am working a heavy, medium, light day format, with the heavy day at the start of the week and the light day on my Friday. This gives me two days of rest before my heavy workout, and a nice quick, light workout to end the week and feel refreshed going into the weekend.

I’ve also been using my competition bells more than my traditional style ones, as they’re more comfortable for me to lift with. I was checking up on the kettlebell prices on the Perform Better site in order to make sure the kettlebell I blogged about a few days back was still on sale, and I found an even better sale going on right now on their First Place Elite kettlebells.

These are the competition style kettlebells that are similar to the more expensive AKC bells that I wrote about in my kettlebell comparison article last year (you can read that under the Girevoy Sport tab up above).

Here’s the pricing for the competition style bells (not including shipping):

8 kg – yellow – $43.95

12 kg – green – $51.95

16 kg – red – $63.95

20 kg – silver – $71.95

24 kg – black – $79.95

28 kg – blue – $91.95

32 kg – orange – $107.95

Yes, these aren’t the same colors as “Official” competition bells.  But if you’re just working out for fun and fitness, who cares what color they are?

Click on the link below and then click on the “Web Specials” tab.  Christmas is coming and this is a great way to get your loved one the bigger kettlebell they wanted or a gift to yourself from Santa!

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