Killer Joe

This here’s the story about Killer Joe

He’s a real bad cat, ‘forget I told you so…

-Manhattan Transfer, “That’s Killer Joe”

The turkish get-up is one kettlebell strength move that’s absolutely killer.  Done right, it takes tremendous strength, coordination, balance, flexibility and focus.

You may know how to do the get-up, and you may be able to practice the “pieces” of the get-up, but unless you can seemlessly flow from bottom to top and back to bottom, you’re really not getting the most from the get-up.  I know I’m not yet, at least when I practice with my 24 kg.

While the 16 kg goes up smooth as butter, with the 24 kg, I’m pausing and adjusting as I go.  My 5 minute TGU practice today was hard but strong!  4 reps right with 4 reps left, after the 10-minute warm-up.

On another note, my usual knee pain and discomfort has almost disappeared since I started including goblet squats in my regular and warm-up routines.  Yesterday I switched to the 16 kg from the 12 kg kettlebell for my goblet squats during my warm-up drills and today I completed 5 rounds in the 10-minute time frame.  I think the 5th round took a little extra energy to complete, as my TGU’s seemed a little more difficult today. Wednesday we’re off.  Thursday back to swings.

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