Life Strikes Again

“The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” — John Steinbeck/Robert Burns

Work has intruded yet again on my Rite of Passage workouts. The case we’re investigating has blossomed and led to several new directions, all of which require extra hours at work. In addition, I was just promoted to Sergeant which will mean a major schedule change in the near future. Life goes on…

Tuesday’s workout (variety day) didn’t happen, and it looks like today’s will be a wash too. So it looks like Thursday will be the day we get back in the game by doing Wednesday’s workout.

Remember that the long term goal is consistency. We may have to miss a workout or two, but that doesn’t mean training has to come to a complete halt.

Usually when I can’t complete a full workout, I’ll practice a few reps of cleans or presses as I walk by my bells, or grab the 32 kg bells and hold them in the rack for a minute or two.

When I’m at work, I’ll take a break and bang out 20 quick pushups and 20 wall squats or Hindu Squats. Just enough to keep the body active after sitting at the desk for a long time.

Just try to get your workouts in when you can, the ROP is not set in stone. Flexibility and consistency with your program, along with good nutrition and rest are the keys to staying healthy.

Thanks for stopping by.

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