Medium Day — Keep Pushing Through!

So here we are at Medium Day, Week 6…for the second time.

It was just Val and I this time as Cameron had to work.

As before, we used the 16kg and 9kg for our halos as we hurried through our warm-ups. As a reminder, we do 10 wall squats, 5 halos each way, and 10 pumps. We run through this circuit 3 times.

After resting for a couple minutes, we start our clean and press ladders and pull-ups.

Val used her 12kg and I used my 24 and 32kg bells.

I decided to stay with my 32kg singles like I tried on Monday. I used my 24kg for my doubles and triples.

Val tried to do her single pull-up unassisted. She’d been working hard during the day though, and made 2 out of 4 sets. She used the band for her doubles and triples. We take one minute of rest between sets.

Like last time, the 32kg made the 24kg seem like a featherweight. I was struggling on my last 32kg set, as I was still a bit wrung out from my variety workout yesterday.

Val had to leave prior to the swings, so I was by myself.

Week 6 calls for 50 rep sets with 20 seconds of rest between sets for 8 minutes. i stayed with my 24kg bell but did my swings 2-handed. After 8 minutes, I had managed 237 reps. I was tired but not overly so, as I made a concerted effort to manage my breathing and get into a rhythm as I swung. Another trick is to count down from 50 instead of up to 50. As you get near the end, it’s psychologically easier to work down than to work up.

After finishing, I did my usual 20 jandas, followed by 12 straight leg sit-ups. I’m going to slowly bump those up until I do 20 of each. Then I’ll add some flutter kicks in to make things interesting.

Gotta drive tomorrow night, so we’ll hit our heavy day on Saturday.

The Girl From Ipanema is playing now. I’m off to bed.

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