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girevoy sport instruction.kettlebell fitness instructionWhat price would you be willing to pay for a premier Girevoy Sport coaching resource?

$20.00 a month?

A resource you could use 24/7/365?

$40.00 a month?

One that includes video analysis with input by multiple coaches from across the country.

How about one that doesn’t push products at you with every other post?

One where your questions are respected, without the fragging and mocking present on other resources?

How about less than $6.00 a month.  That’s what a lot of folks spend on a few cups of coffee a week!

Is that still too much?

What if the deal was sweetened with a 70-minute, Intro To Kettlebells video (Normally $29.99), detailing the key 15 exercises WKC Chief Advisor Valery Fedorenko feels are enough to take you from couch potato to contest winner in record time.

Chief Advisor and World Champion Valery Fedorenko has over 25 years Kettlebell Lifting experience. He is a true Honored Master of Sport in Kettlebell Lifting, and is World Class in both Biathlon (Jerk/Snatch) and LongCycle, still holding several World Records, some that have stood for nearly 20 years.

I own this video and repeatedly go back to it time and again to review it and refine my own techniques.

Still too much?

How about 34-minute video by Coach Fedorenko detailing the proper way to chalk a kettlebell ($9.99 value)?  Learn what works and what doesn’t in this High Def video, and be ready to do your best when you step onto the platform for the first time.

Here’s the deal.

For $69.99, you get access to the WKC forum, the largest private stockpile of advanced kettlebell lifting dialogue now available.  Post your kettlebell lifting question, whether it be for Fitness, Strength & Conditioning or Sport, and you’ll likely get multiple answers and points of view from people who have already been through it. Post a video of your lifting and get critical evaluation from coaches, often that same day.  You can also search the WKC database of over 1000 threads in just the Members section alone. It’s a virtual encyclopedia of kettlebell lifting that continues to expand.

Sign on for a year Membership with WKC®, and receive these BONUSES:

BONUS #1 – Free Instant Download of the Instructional Video – Intro to Kettlebells™ by Valery Fedorenko™ – Value $29.99

BONUS #2 – Free Instant Download of the How-To Video – Chalk A Kettlebell – No More Excuses™ with Valery Fedorenko™ – Value $9.99

BONUS #3 – Free Registration to the World Kettlebell Lifting Championships – Value $99.99

That’s $139.97 worth of bonuses (not fluff!) with your membership purchase of $69.99.  Now is the time to begin training to win!

Join the World Kettlebell Club today! girevoy sport instruction,kettlebell fitness instruction,world kettlebell club membership

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