Monday’s “Redwood” Kettlebell Workout

This is the week to get back in the swing of things as my work schedule has given me six days off!  Sort of like a mini-vacation.

As a result, I’m taking advantage of the free time to get my kettlebell workouts back on track (Mon-Wed-Fri), and to have my wife join me.

As it’s been a while since she used a kettlebell, I decided an easier kettlebell fitness workout might be in order for her.  After perusing the list of sample workouts and exercises included in the WKC Kettlebell Fitness manual, she decided that the “Brooklynite” might be a good way to ease back into working out.  I convinced her to start with the AKC 8 kg, however she wanted to start on level 4 as she thought level 1 might be too easy (and she was right!).

The kettlebell exercises in the “Brooklynite” consist of the clean, the press, and the clean.  Level 4 only allows 30 seconds of rest between kettlebell exercises, so it’s a fast-paced workout.

I stayed with my Perform Better 20 kg and continued with the “Redwood” workout at level 4.  As a reminder, the “Redwood” consists of the kettlebell pushpress, the half-snatch, and the long cycle push press.

After a slow warm-up with the Rmax Kettlebell Foundation series (to show my wife the different moves) we set the Gymboss timer up, chalked our kettlebells and got to work.

Level 4 requires shorter rest periods and as a result, the time spent moving the kettlebell seems longer (heavier?).  The goal here, is to work up the levels to where we’ll be completing 3 minute sets with very short rest periods.

For those interested in training for, or cycling into, Girevoy Sport, the strength/endurance base built by the Kettlebell Fitness system will allow the trainee to shift his/her focus to the Snatch, Jerk and Long Cycle and have their numbers already in the range of “ranking” in the AKC system.

I really enjoy using the WKC Kettlebell Fitness system, as it’s easy to plan and execute my workouts, especially knowing that it’s only going to take 30-45 minutes.  Furthermore, while the system focuses on light kettlebells (8 kg for beginner women and 12 kg for beginner men), the exercise choices allow for using heavier or lighter kettlebells depending on where the lifter’s strengths and weaknesses lie.

For now, I’m sticking with my 20 kg kettlebell.  However, as I progress to level 5, I’m considering switching to my 24 kg bell for my half-snatches.  Presently, my goal is to complete the “Redwood” at level 20, and then test myself using the GS lifts and try to rank myself.

With that in mind, I’ve been practicing the three GS lifts for short sets on my off-days or when I just happen to be walking by my kettlebells.  Once I shift over to Girevoy Sport training, there’ll be less of a learning curve as my muscles will be ready for the different movements.

Next up, level 5.

And if you haven’t picked up Scott’s Kettlebell Foundation DVD series, I strongly encourage you to do so.

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4 Responses to Monday’s “Redwood” Kettlebell Workout

  1. Hi Jim, just stumbled across your blog, and enjoy reading about your experiences with the Fitness Program. Keep up the good work! – Howie

  2. Thanks Howie! I appreciate your comment and welcome you to my blog.

    The fitness program I have is an abbreviated program released to AKC coaches. The final product promises to be even better than what I’m using.

    I’m really excited about the program designs and time progressions that are clearly spelled out for the trainers. Coaching new Gireviks will be made much easier with the implementation of this system.

    I really believe the WKC Kettlebell Fitness program will change the way Gireviks train and will surely get more people interested in Girevoy Sport in general.

    Stay strong,


  3. Jim,

    Like Howie, I enjoy reading your blogs! I have a real interest in the WKC Fitness Protocol and have been trying to put together the program from the little bits and pieces I read on various websites- not an easy thing to do! Living in RI, I have no access to an AKC coach to help me put it together. Do you have any clue when the AKC will be releasing the fitness manual and DVD?

    I’ll keep reading your blogs to help me figure out how I should train- thanks for your effort!


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