More Girevoy Sport Accessory Work

I strapped on my weightlifting shoes today and did a little doubles work with my 20 kg kettlebells and some free weight work with my trap bar.

  • Double cleans – 16 reps/minute, 4 – 1 minute rounds working on keeping the bells close to the body and snapping them up into position.
  • Double jerk – 6 reps/minute, 3 – 1 minute rounds working on getting a quick double dip and making sure my elbows were locked prior to the drive up to lockout.
  • Double jerk – 10 reps/minute, 1 minute.  Same as above but a bit faster.
  • High pull/Snatch, 5 HP, 5 Snatch R / 5 HP, 5 Snatch L, 2x.
  • Snatch, 10R/10L, 2x.
  • Double overhead hold, 1 minute.
  • Trap bar deadlift, 22510.

That’s it.  I’m still focusing on the fitness protocol, so this was just to play with the suggestions from my previous post.  No workout tomorrow as I have two late meetings that take my day up until 9:00 p.m.  I just love meetings…

Long Islander Level 9 on Thursday.

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