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Lost time is never found again ~ Benjamin Franklin

kettlebell sport novato californiaLast week marked the conclusion of level four of the World Kettlebell Club‘s kettlebell fitness protocol.  Due to time constraints, we were only able to get two workouts in.  We did level three again followed by level four at the end of the week.

In between, I did a combo kettlebell/dumbbell workout, and I played with a double kettlebell jerk set with my 16 kilo bells, getting 35 reps in about 3’40”.  35 reps is about halfway towards the 73 required for WKC rank 3 or rank 4 for the IKFF.  Or both.  🙂

Having not done double jerks for a while, my shoulders were on fire when I got done.  I’ve definitely got some work to do just to hit rank 3.

This week we’ll move up to levels five, six and seven of the Long Islander.  Our minutes per hand will increase to 1’30” while our rest periods will reset to 2’00” and decrease again as we climb levels.

The Shaving of the Bells

I normally keep my kettlebells outside, and as a result, they can get pretty rusty, especially over the Winter months.  So today I did my semi-annual “Shaving of the Bells” and hacked the rust off my GS kettlebell handles.  A little Spring cleaning in our workout area helped as well.

kettlebell girevoy sport instruction novato california

That’s it for Sunday.  Our final week of March 2010 is here!

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