Oh Kettlebell, Would You Be My Valentine?

novato california kettlebell training “Oh, if it be to choose and call thee mine, love, thou art     every day my Valentine!” ~ Thomas Hood

This Valentine’s Day was a special one.  Instead of eating chocalate from a heart-shaped cardboard box, we saved our “heavy” Enter the Kettlebell practice for today!

OK, I did get breakfast in bed, and I am spoiled.  So spoiled that my lovely wife was actually excited to do our workout this morning with me.

We were scheduled to do it yesterday, but we took a hike that lasted a little longer than we thought it would and we ran out of Saturday. This picture is one of about forty we took yesterday, so you can imagine there was a lot to see.

We started with our joint mobility work and transitioned into our regular warm-up.  The time it takes to do four rounds has decreased to the point where we can just about fit five rounds in the ten minute period.  I’m going to bump my 16 kg kettlebell up to a 20 kg kettlebell for the goblet squats, but stay with the 16 kg for my halos.

After resting for a couple minutes we began our clean and press ladders.  The first rep was strong and smooth, and when we went to do our inverted rows, Val decided to follow my lead and do five reps instead of just one.  I’m going to use a chair for my feet next time to increase the resistance.  They’re just too easy.

We finished the rest of our C+P/Inverted Row ladders with three ladders of three rungs.  Our swing practice for today was only four minutes, but for fifty-rep sets with only a ten-second rest.

We did our first set two-handed, rested ten seconds, then twenty-five right and twenty-five left (rested about twenty seconds) then finished with twenty, two-handed reps.  For both of us, our grip was an issue due to sweaty hands making us feel like we were going to drop the bell.

It really felt great to get our exercise in before lunch, freeing up the rest of the day.

Week 6 of Enter the Kettlebell brings us up to four ladders with three rungs.  We’ll skip our rest day and get right back into training our “light” day.

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