Post Labor Day Kettlebell Workouts

After a relaxing Labor Day Monday and a busy Tuesday at work, I shuffled through my collection of kettlebell workouts and decided to do a “medium” effort Size & Strength workout from Mike Mahler.


* A-1: Double Floor Press
* A-2: Double Renegade Row

I performed these as 5X5 alternating sets with 1 minute of rest between them.  I used 24 kg Kettlebells for the Floor Press and 28 kg kettlebells for the Renegade Rows

* B-1: Double Front Squat
* B-2: Double 1/2 Snatch

Same thing.  5X5 and 1 minute rest periods.

I finished with an exercise I hadn’t done since I started the Return of The Kettlebell Program–The Turkish get-up–

2 sets of 5 right and left, with a two minute break after the first right and left set of 5.  For each group, I alternated right and left.

For Friday, I decided to try the first workout of my new Art of Strength Strength In Motion workout I picked up during AOS’s Labor Day Sale.

Anthony has put together a solid workout with a mix of single and double kettlebell drills along with some bodyweight stuff that gets your heart pumping and your muscles sore.  At least this 45-year-old body.

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