ETK Program Minimum Complete – Happy Mother’s Day!

On to the Rite of passage!

We’re right on schedule with our program. Thursday we did our second 200-rep swing workout. While not easy, we were mentally prepared and finished our 4 sets 24 seconds faster than the first time we did it. For my wife and son, it was a heck of a milestone and very satisfying to watch them hit all their reps.

Friday was an easy Turkish Get-Up workout like Tuesday’s.

Starting with week 5, we’re going to be working with the kettlebell clean and press, pullups, snatches and swings. There’s no slacking off now, as our work days will change too.

We’ll be using ladders to do our work sets of the clean and press (C&P) and pullups. Now, for those who don’t know, a ladder is another way to spread out the sets and reps. Here’s an example:

Rung 1: C&P Left – 1, C&P Right – 1, 1 pullup

Rung 2: C&P Left – 2, C&P Right – 2, 2 pullups

Rung 3: C&P Left – 3, C&P Right – 3, 3 pullup

Rest 1-2 minutes, then move to ladder 2, rest again then ladder 3. As we progress through the weeks, we’ll adjust the number of rungs and ladders up and down as directed in our workbook.

On Monday, we’ll be doing our ladders followed by 5 minutes of snatches. We’ll be doing 10 reps right then 10 reps left, rest for a minute or less then 10 and 10 again until we reach 5 minutes. Here’s a few video examples to get us started:

First the clean –

Then the press –

And the snatch –

Make sure to get the right tool for the job — Art of Strength Kettlebells.

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