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I just received the newest DVD from Pavel Tsatsouline and Dragondoor– Return Of The Kettlebelldv062

and finished watching the DVD and reading the program design.  In case you’re not familiar with Return Of The Kettlebell, it’s a follow-up to Enter the Kettlebell! Strength Secret of the Soviet Supermen By Pavel .

I completed that program last year with my family and had a great time doing it.  Return Of The Kettlebell promises to be just as enjoyable.  Instead of focusing on single kettlebell movements as in Enter the Kettlebell (ETK), however, Return Of The Kettlebell (RTK) focuses on double kettlebell drills as the foundation of the program.

Inside, you’ll find a step-by-step demonstration by Pavel and Master RKC Kenneth Jay, who walk you through some familiar exercises and some not-so-familiar ones.  A nice touch is Kenneth demonstrating from both the front and side views.  For the ladies, RKC Missy Beaver demonstrates some of the exercises that present “unique” challenges to female gireviks.

Pavel recommends two week “Blocks” of grinds alternated with ballistics (2 weeks grinds, followed by 2 weeks of ballistics).  This “Block” training also includes movements with different-sized kettlebells as a way of progressing to the next larger set of kettlebells.

The workout format is similar to the ETK workouts in that the girevik follows a ladder protocol with a maximum of 5 reps and a maximum of 5 ladders.

Pavel recommends having completed the ETK “Rite of Passage” before starting with the drills in Return Of The Kettlebell, and as I’ve been changing my exercises nearly every week, I’m going to go back to ETK and complete an abbreviated “Program Minimum” and “Rite Of Passage” before I start to do the drills in RTK.

Tonight, for instance, I broke out my old Art of Strength ETK workbook I used last year and started with the week 1 Program Minimum workout.  I used my 24 kg kettlebell and was pleasantly challenged.

I began with circuits of 10 reps each of wall squats, halos (with my 16 kg kettlebell) and pumps.  I did these with no rest for 10 minutes.

After taking a brief rest (about 3 minutes), I performed sets of 20 one-hand swings, followed by one minute of “active rest” drills.  Continue to alternate sets of 20 swings with 1 minute periods of “active rest” for 20 minutes.  I managed to get 6 total sets of swings done in that time period using my 24 kg kettlebell.

For my active rest, I used jumping jacks, push-up to squat thrust, hindu squats, and jogging in place.  The jogging doesn’t do much for me though, so I’ll probably switch it to the push-up to squat thrust movement.

After 20 minutes was up, I stretched out and did 25 Janda sit-ups before finishing for the night.

For those of you who haven’t tried Pavel’s ETK program yet, I strongly urge you to get the DVD and book and get started.  You’ll have a blast with the workouts and will feel great as you complete new goals every week!

For those who are interested in something different, I recommend Pavel’s Return Of The Kettlebell.  It’s another high quality DVD from Dragondoor that will leave you new and challenging exercises and goals to work towards.

Enter the Kettlebell Book

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