Return of…Enter The Kettlebell

What do you do when you get someone a gift for Christmas and they jump up and down and get so excited and want to play with it right away that they’ll do anything as long as it’s with you and can we puh-lease!!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?

Well if it’s your significant other, you do the smart thing and agree, of course.

I took advantage of the Art of Strength’s free shipping offer and bought my wife an AOS 12 kg kettlebell for Christmas. Romantic, no?

She had been using the competition style AKC 12 kilo bell, but found it’s large size was just too much for her little frame and small hands.

So when she opened her new bell on Christmas day, she was completely jacked and wanted to start working out with me again.  Right away.  As in now.

As I said, the only proper thing to do was agree and move on.  So I pulled out my Enter the Kettlebell workbook and we started the Program Minimum Monday evening.

We began with a 10-minute warm-up, which you should have memorized by now as wall squats for 10 reps, followed by halos for 10 reps, followed by 10 pumps.  I elected to do Goblet Squats with the 12 kg, and used my AKC 12 kg for my halos (10R/10L).  We got in three circuits, in between phone calls and yelling at children playing in the street and nearly getting hit by a car.  (Hint-It’s difficult but not impossible to carve out a half hour of exercise time when you have kids.  Give it a shot anyway.)

For the workout, I decided that we’d stick with two-handed swings as my wife hasn’t worked out in so long.  We also made a modification to the first workout, in that we didn’t do any bodyweight stuff during our 1 minute rest periods. The swings were plenty.  I used my 24 kg and my wife her new 12 kg.   (You’ll notice that my 24 was one of the first of the new Punch kettlebells and has the clear-coat rather than the grey finish you can see on the 12 kg.  Hence the different colors.)

We managed 7 sets of 20 reps in the 12 minute period.  We’d have had 8 sets if one of my son’s friends hadn’t run in the house with dog poop on his elbow after falling down on the lawn.  (You’d think that you could have 12 minutes without any disturbances, but no, you’d be wrong.)

After that, we did some stretches for our backs and hamstrings before finishing.

We’re going to try to get at least 3 of the 4 workouts in each week, however we’re also starting city rec league flag football for two of our boys, and of course they play at different times, so the evening gets sucked up pretty quickly.

Worst case scenario we’ll take out kettlebells and do our swings in the parking lot while the kids play inside.

Gotta’ learn how to carve the time out to stay fit.

If you haven’t got your own Enter the Kettlebell workbook, you can get yours here.

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  1. I love my AOS 12 kg kettlebell! It is easier for me to do halos, swings, and turkish get ups now. I am so lucky I got a kettlell for Christmas and especially for having an amazing instructor at home.

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