Return of The Kettlebell – First Workout


Another easy TGU practice. Elbow is feeling much better but not completely fixed.

10 minute warm-up. Into Turkish Get-Ups 10 R and 10 L (alternating) with the 16 kg.  Followed by-

Arm bar. 16 kg each side. Slow and focused.

Swings. Dice roll of 8. 16 kg. 262 swings total. Slight rest at 150 reps to kill a nasty horsefly taking a bite out of my leg.

Joint mobility to cool down.

Monday, 07/13/09

What day could be better than a Monday to start a new program?  I’ve been itching to try out the newest from Pavel and Dragondoor, and have been practicing the Program Minimum and Rite of Passage in order to prepare for the Return of The Kettlebell (RTK) program.  And after overdoing it with the 32 kg bell, I’ve had to back off for two weeks with light TGU practice to give my elbow some much-needed rest.

Once again, I started with my basic 10-minute warm-up, then into the press.

Today is a light day and the program calls for different-sized kettlebells.  The reason for the different-sized bells is to aid in the progression to a heavier weight.  My previous max was 32 kg in the press.  I would like to move my max to 36 kg (without straining my elbow again!).  So I recalculated the progression listed in the book so it would get me to a 36 kg max.  That progression starts me with a 20 kg and a 12 kg kettlebell.

This seems light, however it works out fine as it allows me to start light and go easy on my elbow.  To take it a step further, I’ll start with the 20 kg for my left side and a 12 kg for the right.

The practice calls for snatching the two bells, bringing them into the rack and performing the presses from there (no clean between each press).

Like ETK, this program calls for ladders.  The first time through, we’ll do 3 ladders with 3 rungs each.  In addition, at the conclusion of the third press (third rung), we narrow the stance and immediately do 5 squats.

So, snatch the bells, lower into the rack, press once, lower and park the bells.

Rest for a few moments, snatch the bells.  Lower into the rack, press them twice, lower and park the bells.  Rest again.

Snatch the bells.  Rack them, press three times, rack ’em, then squat for 5.  Go deep, butt down as far as you can comfortably get it.  Finish squatting, lower and park the bells.  First ladder complete.

Two more ladders of the same thing then it’s time to deadlift.  Using the Sumo style, 20 reps for the first set and 20 reps for the second.  Use the same bells as for the press, just switch sides for the second set (20 kg L / 12 kg R; 12 kg L / 20 kg R).

A little joint mobility work to cool down and that’s it for our light day.

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