Return Of The Kettlebell – HKC Prep Workouts

I’ve had to cut back on my computer time at night (when I do my posts), so I’m posting only two or three times a week.  I realized I hadn’t posted since last week, so it’s time to catch up.  As you might have guessed, I’m using Pavel’s Return Of The Kettlebell to help me prepare for the upcoming HKC certification.

RTK Training Log 07/16/09 – Variety Day

Rope jumping – 100 reps

20 bodyweight squats

10 pumps

5 assisted pistols (R)

5 assisted pistols (L)

Variety circuit (arm bar/tgu/windmill/bent press/overhead squat/sots press) 1 time each side.

Swing w/24 kg – 25 R / 25 L


Do it again.

Cool down.

RTK Training Log 07/17/09 – “Heavy” Day

(I moved the heavy day to Friday as Saturday was going to be too busy.)

100 reps rope jumping (high 90s today, hotter than you-know-what)

10 minute warm-up.


20 kg and 20 kg

3 ladders, 3 rungs each

5 squats at the end of each 3rd rung

Sumo Deadlift

2 x 20 kg

20 reps, 2 sets

Joint mobility and cool down.

RTK Training Log-07/20/09 – “Light” Day

Adding a rung today as three was pretty easy.

Started off with 200 reps rope jumping – fast – no misses…

10 minute warm-up.

I’ve been using looped rubber tubing around my knees when I squat, as I’ve got PFPS (Patellofemoral pain syndrome) in my right knee. Squatting with the band around my knees seems to help.  I’ve been squatting this way for the last couple weeks, and as I haven’t worked my quads seriously in years, I probably have a quadricep/hamstring strength imbalance which is throwing the tracking of my patella off.


I have an appointment with an Orthopedist on the 24th and hopefully I’ll find out more then.

I think I may have figured out my elbow pain as well.  I found that I was letting my right wrist get lazy in the press.  When I made a point of locking my wrist into the correct position in the press, the pain went away.

Whudyya know…

Press & Squat

12 kg (L), 20 kg (R)

4 ladders, 3 rungs, 5 squats at the end of every 3rd rung.

Sumo Deadlift

12 kg (L) / 20 kg (R) – 20 reps

20 kg (L) / 12 kg (R) – 20 reps

Joint mobility/stretching

Cool down

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