Return of The Kettlebell-Training Log-08/08/09 “Heavy Day”

Clean and Jerk 080809 081A beautiful Saturday made even better by the fact that it’s also the first day of my vacation.

Today is also “Heavy” day, meaning double 32 kilo clean and jerks.

Last week I did three ladders of 2,4,6 rep rungs. I was contemplating trying four ladders, but I decided to play it safe by staying with 3. The last thing I want to do is to get injured before going to the HKC certification.

I started with my speed rope and got 250 reps to get the blood moving.

Then I set my timer and did my squats/halos (w/16kg)/pumps, spending extra time with the pumps as my lower back was a little tight after doing yard work this morning.

Once I finished, I set up my 32s and got to work, er, I mean, began to have some fun…

My first ladder was a little rougher than I wanted. I’m finding that with the heavy weight, a using a lighter weight kettlebell to warm-up for a couple reps might be a good idea to get the feeling of the movement down.

My second ladder went better than the first after a 2 minute rest. My reps felt a lot more solid and controlled.

For my third ladder, I waited about three minutes, then powered through with about 30 seconds rest between rungs.

I then rested for a few minutes before doing 20 Janda sit-ups and stretching out.

That’s it for the first explosive block. Next week I’ll be starting my second grind block.

My diet has remained pretty consistent throughout the first month of the Return of The Kettlebell program. I’ve added one protein shake per day, and added BCAAs before and after working out, as well as before bedtime.

I’ve been able to maintain 190 lbs. without too much effort and am very pleased with this program so far.

Grinds on Monday!

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