Return of The Kettlebell-Training Log-08/15/09 “Heavy Day”

Hardstyle squatSaturday was “Heavy” day again and yes, I’m still on vacation. Today I upped the ladders to 5 with 4 rungs each.

I first warmed up with squats/halos (12 kg)/pumps for 5 circuits. Then a little joint mobility work before setting my timer for 30 seconds and starting with my first ladder.

I used 2-20 kg kettlebells again and took 30 second rests between rungs. Upon finishing my 4th rung, I went right into 5 double front squats, concentrating on maintaining a good depth, flat back and driving the hips upward on each rep.

One minute rest between ladders and back to the snatch and press.

Double Kettlebell Snatch

After completing my fifth set of squats, I rested for two minutes and then did my two sets of 20 Sumo deadlifts. Stretch and enjoy the sunset with a Negra Modelo in hand.

Did I mention I was on vacation?

Return of The Kettlebell

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