Return of The Kettlebell-Training Log- 08/24/09-VPP!

Explosive Block – Second Phase

Last Saturday I finished my second phase grind block with 5 ladders of 5 rungs with the 20 kg kettlebells. I started with the 20s to give my sore elbow a rest and to get into the progression groove. the 16s would have been too light, the 24s would have taxed my elbow too much. So luckily, I had a set of 20s to get me through these grind and explosive kettlebell lifting blocks.

Today I began my second phase of the explosive block. As a recap, remember that the explosive block consists of a “light” day of Viking Push presses done for sets of 2,4,6,8,10; a “medium” day of 24 kilo long cycle clean and jerks for the same 5 ladders; and a “heavy” day with 32 kilo lccj. All days are done with 2 equal weight kettlebells.

Here’s the routine:

Warm-up as desired. I like to jump rope. I have a plastic speed rope and I jump for reps. Usually I go for 200-250 depending on how much patience I have. 200 takes around 3 minutes or so. I don’t go much longer because I

want to spend my time with the kettlebells, not jumping rope.

Then I set my timer for 10 minutes and do a circuit consisting of bodyweight squats, halos with a 16 kilo bell (10 times each direction), and ten pumps. I can get 6 circuits if I go fast, 4 if I dawdle, and 5 if I maintain an even pace. It’s a “warm-up” after all, not a workout in itself.

Next, I rest for a couple minutes after the circuits, do a few joint mobility drills (mostly for my shoulders and wrists) and set up my kettlebells.

Then I reset my timer for 30 seconds and do my first set of 2 push presses, hit the timer, wait for the beep and do 4 more. After 30 seconds goes by, I grab the bells, snatch them and do 6 more reps. 30 seconds rest; 8 more reps. 30 short seconds later, 10 reps and the first ladder is done.

After one minute rest and a couple sips of water, I start again for my second ladder.

Today I had a lot of energy, so I went for all 5 ladders with the 10 rep top set. These felt really good and I felt like I had more gas in the tank when I stopped.

After resting for a couple minutes, I took one of my 16s and did 20 front raise snatches (right and left) with no rest between sides. I waited a minute and did 20 more before finishing with a set of 20 Janda sit-ups and stretching. The entire practice took me a little under an hour.

Wednesday I’ll be using my 24s for the long cycle clean and jerk.

Remember, progression is the key!

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2 Responses to Return of The Kettlebell-Training Log- 08/24/09-VPP!

  1. Good to read others progress. I’ve been at this for six weeks. I started with 16kg on light days and 20kg pairs on heavy days. I quickly got stronger to the point where the 20s were too light so, as of yesterday I’ve skipped forward to the 24kgs on heavy days. We’ll see how it goes as I move up in ladders.

    Question: did you complete the ETK Rite of Passage prior to this? I did not finish it, long story.

  2. Yes I did (I had to go back and look at my old posts to make sure). It looks like my elbow tendonitis flared up again between finishing ETK and beginning RTK so I took a few workouts to rest it and worked on my TGUs before starting RTK. I didn’t make my goal in RTK though. Double jerks with the 32s was too much.

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