Return of The Kettlebell-Training Log-08/26 + 08/30/09 “Medium + Heavy Day”

kettlebell,long cycle clean and jerk,ader,rtk,ironbell athleticsWednesday was Medium day for this second”explosive” block of the Return of The Kettlebell program.  Medium stands for a “medium” weight, which for me is a pair of 24 kilo kettlebells.  Because we’re in an “explosive” block, we’ll be practicing the long cycle clean and jerk.

I decided to up the ladders to 5 and 4 rungs with 2,4,6,8 reps.

My warm-up consisted of jumping rope and my regular circuit of squats/halos/pumps.

I then used my two 24s and pushed through my sets with 30 second rest periods between each rung, and 1 minute rest periods between ladders.

The increase to 5 ladders was really noticeable. I think that long cycle is really the ultimate strength endurance exercise as it will work both your muscles and your lungs at the same time.

I moved my Heavy day to Sunday due to the mini heat wave that rolled through the Bay area Friday and Saturday.

However, we had perfect weather for lifting today, with a slight breeze keeping things cool enough to push hard.

I mentioned on my last blog post for my previous Heavy long cycle block, that I was going to try warming up with a pair of lighter kettlebells to get my muscles ready for the 32 kilo bells.

So today, I began with jumping rope for 200 reps, followed by 3 circuits of my warm-up drills. I then performed 3 sets of 3 reps of the long cycle with my 16, 20, and 24 kilo kettlebells with about 15-20 seconds rest between them.

That seemed to make the difference as my first 2 reps with the 32s were spot on. I decided to stay with 3 rungs (2,4,6 reps) for 4 ladders this workout and go to 5 ladders next week.

This weight is really making me work and concentrate on my breathing. Especially Pavel’s reminder to “Breath behind the shield” (See page 21 of Return of The Kettlebell). I could feel my lower back start to tweak if I wasn’t bracing my abs. Once I braced, no issues.

I’ll be sticking to a top rung of 6 reps for now until I finish the 5 ladders and get my rest periods down to 30 seconds between rungs. Right now, I’m using 1 minute to 1:10 between rungs, with 2 minute rests between ladders.

For tomorrow, I’ll be practicing my Viking Push Presses.  I’m not going to take a rest day tomorrow so I can do a Mon-Wed-Fri schedule this coming week, so I can go to the gathering of the Clans and Scottish Games in Pleasanton over the Labor Day weekend.

“Aonaibh Ri Chéile!” (Unite! — The Clan Cameron motto)

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