Return of The Kettlebell-Training Log-09/02/09 “Medium Day”

Medium day and what a scorcher! Hot and humid.

200 reps jump rope, then three rounds of squats/halos/pumps.

3 reps each of 12, 16, and 20 kg long cycle for warm-ups, then into my main sets.

For my last week of RTK training, I decided to move up to the final rung of 10, but do 4 ladders with my 24 kg bells.

I tried to keep my rests at about 30 seconds, but the heat and the humidity were kicking my butt, so I set my rest periods at 1 minute after my first ladder.

Even with that, I needed to take 2 minutes between ladders. Yes, long cycle is that taxing!

I’ll be testing with my 32kgs this weekend. Then it’s HKC prep time!

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2 Responses to Return of The Kettlebell-Training Log-09/02/09 “Medium Day”

  1. Jim,

    Kill it at the HKC. I hope to become an RKC the weekend prior! My plan is to start the RTK program after the RKC – Though I think I may go through the ETK again. I want to be sure I have the strength base for the RTK – RKC will be the test!

    Swing Hard, Swing Often

  2. Thanks Steve, I will. I’m jacked to go and learn from the top RKC’s and Pavel. I was reading your blog and it looks like you’ve been doing your homework for your prep, just remember to taper a bit the week before your go. If you’ve done the ETK with the 24 kg, you’re more than ready to do the RTK. Just don’t start too heavy. If you start a little lighter than you think you should, you’re natural progression will carry you past old pr’s. Like in PTTP, when you finish a cycle and start a new one, you reduce the weight and ramp up again. Same concept. Good luck!!!

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