RKC Program Minimum – Week 2, Workout 5

“Cherish the chase as much as you treasure the trophy.” – Joe Caruso

We’re starting week 2 of the RKC Program Minimum.  Today was swing day, and like last week, we started off with wall squats, halos and pumps for 10 minutes.  My wife joined me today and we hit 4 times all the way through with 1 more set of wall squats before our Gymbosss timer beeped.

We were a bit slower as we worked our way through, mostly because we were talking about our day.  I try not to get hung up on how many times we get through the circuit and focus on the fact that we’re fortunate to be able to exercise together.  Our workouts help us unwind and relax, and we both definitely “Cherish the chase.”

With sets of 20 for our swings, we were able to complete 6 circuits of swings and active rest.  I used my 24 kg kettlebell again, while Val used her 12 kg.

For our active rest, Val preferred to jog around the house, while I stayed with my jumping jacks, push-up to squat-thrust, and hindu squats.  For my final active rest set (after my 6th set of swings) I jumped rope for 1 minute (130 reps).

We then finished with a bit of ab work and stretching before having an ice cold beer.  Yes, beer.  I know, there’s no protein in beer, but one’s not gonna’ kill you, and damn it tasted good!

Enjoy life!

By the way, I just ordered the companion book to the Return of the Kettlebell DVD.  Take a look at the first chapter’s table of contents:

Chapter 1: The Science of Big

–How a Soviet weightlifting legend rebelled against the system and discovered an amazing muscle building method

–Why the Russian kettlebell beats all comers as the ideal tool for repetition quick lifts

–Why “fast eccentrics” are now all the rage among serious hypertrophy experts

–Understand how to manipulate Z-band streaming for faster muscle growth

–Shoot from both barrels! How a double whammy of “quick wacks” and “slow squeezes” will leave no muscle untrashed in your quest for explosive growth

–3 styles of Russian kettlebell training-which one is right for you?

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