RKC Program Minimum – Week 3

“To climb steep hills requires a slow pace at first.

Shakespeare?  Are you nuts?

In a word, “Yes”.  The program minimum is designed to get one ready for the harder, more intense work to come.  We’re climbing that steep hill at a slow pace, but we’re picking up speed as we go along.

I’m also working on the Program Minimum at the suggestion of Pavel in Return of The Kettlebell.  In order to give the newest program a fair shake, I’m getting back into the Hardstyle way by completing the Program Minimum, followed by a month of Enter The Kettlebell, before starting the block workouts in Return of The Kettlebell.

Week 3 has a jump in reps for our swings, up to 40.  So after our warm-up of wall squats/halos/pumps and 200 reps of jumping rope, I set my timer for 12 minutes and got to it with my newly refinished 24 kg kettlebell.

My first set of 40 reps I did using DARC (alternating hands) swings, followed immediately by 60 jumping jacks.

Set number two – I did my next 40 reps alternating sets of ten for each hand (10R/10L/10R/10L) followed by 12 push-up/squat thrusts.

Set three – 40 swings done two-handed followed by 34 Hindu squats.  The more I do these the better I feel and the stronger I’m getting.  I really think Hindu squats (or bodyweight squats) are a great complement to kettlebell training.

Set four – 40 swings done in two sets of 20 (20R/20L) followed by 10 push up/squat thrusts.

The increase in swing reps was definitely a kick in the pants, however, by the same token, it was not impossible and was satisfying to complete.

I finished with 25 Janda sit-ups and stretched out for 10 minutes, concentrating on my lower back and hamstrings.

Turkish get-ups tomorrow.

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