Russian Kettlebell Challenge – Program Minimum

As part of my pre-assault program for Return Of The Kettlebell, I’m completing a couple weeks of the RKC Program Minimum.  I skipped yesterday’s workout as I had to stay at work until 10:30.

Today (normally an off day) was for Turkish Get-Ups.

If you’ve been reading the kettlebell forums, you might have read about the small battle that has erupted over the “old-style” Turkish Get-Up (TGU) vs. the “new-style” as practiced by RKC or Hardstyle gireviks.

In a nutshell, with the “old-style”, the hips stay down.  With the “new-style” the hips raise in the transition from the ground to the standing position.

There’s a great write up contrasting the styles and questions around each style at the begin2dig blog,

It’s fascinating reading and a great basis for a discussion on functional movement. Nevertheless, whichever style you choose, do it carefully.

I haven’t mastered the high hip variation yet and I wanted to do my TGUs with my 24 kilo kettlebell, so I stayed with what I know, the “hover” (old) style.

I warmed up with the standard wall squat/halo/pump circuit for 10 minutes (6x through) before practicing the TGU for 5 minutes and completing 5R and 5L. I finished my brief workout with 25 Janda sit-ups. That’s it!

If you’re interested in further study of the ck-fms system, click here: The Certified Kettlebell-Functional Movement Specialist (CK-FMS) Home Study Course

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  1. The link to the TGU discussion is broken. I would love to read more about that, so do you know anywhere else I can find that article?

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