RTK Training Log – 07/27/09 – “Light” Day

I started my first “explosive” block of Return Of The Kettlebell this week. The next two weeks will consist of Viking Push Presses on Monday (light day) with clean and jerks on the medium and heavy days.

After 200 reps of rope jumping and my regular 10-minute-warm-up, I set up a pair of my 16 kg kettlebells and prepared for the Viking Push Press.

The RKC plan calls for starting with 3 ladders, but the reps for each rung are doubled (2,4,6).

I grabbed the bells, snatched them and did my first two reps. After resting for 30 seconds, I did my second set for 4 reps, rested for 30 seconds again, and did my last rung for 6 reps.

1 minute rest between ladders.

After completing my third ladder, I kept one of my one poods and did 2 sets of 20 reps of front raise snatches (20R/20L, rest 1 minute, 20R/20L).

After that, cool down, stretch and done.

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